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Thread: Thief posing with game

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    Default Thief posing with game

    We finally got the thief to pose with the game:


    This was at the local Commodore Club meeting tonight. It really blew his mind when six different people were all snapping pictures the second he held the game. My friend Jesse has a whole load of pics he is going to send to the newsfeed email. The thief spent some more time playing CGE Adventures, but found it "boring". I guess Bo Jackson probably would have had no interest in playing Tecmo Bowl either.
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    Holy shit thats excellent.

    Can't wait to see the other pics.

    Thanks Morgan.

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    focusrs Guest


    total awesomeness!!!!!!

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Is he finally in on the joke? ;-) And good one about Bo Jackson!

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    Ok, my friend Jesse (who was the true hero of the deed) sent the rest of the pics. Let me know if you don't see them at the news email UK and I will forward them as he copied me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diagamblic View Post
    Is he finally in on the joke?
    Not yet, but he is really damn suspicious now. He came up and asked me (in his special, all-left thumbs on the blackberry keyboard way) "you never took a ipcture of me before, whhy now?". I just said "you're holding the game,; it's my favorite game" He typed "boring" and walked off to cross examine someone else.

    To your original question, yes there is one big reveal left in the bag!

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    planetsean Guest


    We had been trying to get his picture with the game for months at the Commodore Computer Club meetings, and when this finally happened last night, it was like the Paparazzi taking pictures. I counted at least 5 people snapping pictures of him
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    planetsean Guest


    Here is the text message screen with Deaf CD Thief and others talking with him about the game
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    Quote Originally Posted by planetsean View Post
    Here is the text message screen with Deaf CD Thief and others talking with him about the game
    HaHa! "I went there once"

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