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Thread: E15 Gas: Fuel for Scott Rant?

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    Default E15 Gas: Fuel for Scott Rant?

    I am getting in late on this argument, but gas with higher ethanol levels (15%) is working its way into the system and lot of industry groups and car guys are tripping balls about it. I am skeptical of it, because the government approved it, but not too sure what the effect might be. Apparently, it will be sold side by side with "classic gas" at a lower cost, but I bet that will be temporary. Is this just the latest "cash for clunkers" effort to get our classic (and junker) cars off the road? Rant on my friend.

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    I'll fill you in as soon as I am home, it is bad shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SubaruBrat View Post
    I'll fill you in as soon as I am home, it is bad shit.
    Holy shit! I think he accidentally put some of it in the tank on the way home!


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