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Thread: Flare's Top 10 games of 2013

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    Default Flare's Top 10 games of 2013

    I didn't play many videogames this year.

    I still played (and completed) more than 10 though, so here's my personal list of the best games I enjoyed in 2013.

    First, honorable mentions go to these two games, they didn't make the top 10:
    Gunpoint (PC)
    DMC: Devil May Cry (PC)

    And now, in descending order:

    10. Tomb Raider (PC)
    09. The Swapper (PC)
    08. Spelunky (PC)
    07. Year Walk (iOS)
    06. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (PC)
    05. The Stanley Parable (PC)
    04. Outlast (PC)
    03. Gone Home (PC)
    02. Antichamber (PC)
    01. Bioshock Infinite (PC)

    How does your list look like?

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    Maybe not games released in 2013, but this is what I played during 2013...

    Started off with Far Cry 2. Played for a while, then gave up. Why? I didn't really GET how to play. I was doing the traditional FPS run-n-gun, which doesn't work well in FC2. You have to use the sniper gun to ignite barrels & propane first. Fire off a few rockets or grenades. Then go in & mop up.

    I put over 50 hours into FC2 and now really looking forward to Far Cry 3.

    RAGE. This is currently the latest work from ID. It sounds really different from Doom, Quake & Wolf. Guess what? It isn't.

    There are some new (to ID games) aspects such as an open world to travel around in. Car combat races, etc.

    The problem was that the open world wasn't much more than a way to pad the games length. There is almost nothing to do in it. You fight some random enemy cars. There are a few (maybe less than 20) valuable items to seek out. That's about it.

    The non-vehicle combat plays out like Doom 3 or Quake 4. You even have access to the same sentry bot that was available in Doom 3. Typical linear pathways with monsters in the closets. It was enjoyable, but nothing new.

    The ending really sucked. It felt like they needed to finish the game quickly.


    The last mission consists of nothing but moving through some hallways, shooting mutants & soldiers. You push a few buttons along the way. You push a button at the end. Game over.

    I mean seriously? There isn't even a boss fight of any kind, and that is an ID staple.

    Right in the same stable as the endings to Halo 2 and C&C Renegade.


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