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Thread: easy Ouya YouTube app question

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    Default easy Ouya YouTube app question

    I have a PS3 and I love the YouTube app. Unfortunately any time PSN goes offline for maintenance or whatever I can't watch YouTube because for some reason you must log in to PSN before you can launch YouTube.

    I am considering getting an Ouya for this purpose (as well as retro gaming), but do you also need to sign in to whatever Ouya network there is before you can watch YouTube on that? Or is it like watching it on my computer? It just works?

    Clearly right now people with a WiiU can't watch YouTube either due to that network being offline because of overloads so essentially I am just wondering if the Ouya way of handling YouTube is not reliant on any network logins and therefore a better solution?

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    random_dave Guest


    A Raspberry pi would be cheaper than an Ouya, the interface isn't as slick as what they have done with the new apps, and there isn't the ability to 'cast' to the tv from a phone or laptop, but it works and is cheap

    Alternatively if you have a smartphone a chromecast will allow you to cast to it, and that'll only set you back a little more than a pi

    There may even be a suitable android mini pc usb stick that would get the job done at a vastly cheaper cost than the ouya

    I'll let any Ouya owners chime in though, as i've still not used one, i've just messed around with some of the alternative options


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