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Thread: RGR Game creators discussion thread

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    random_dave Guest

    Default RGR Game creators discussion thread

    As there's now a few folks around here that are making games, I thought it might be fun/interesting/useful/inspiring to have a little discussion thread for showing progress, sharing ideas, testing feedback and anything else related to the fun world of making games happen.

    We can, should and will cover all aspect of development, from prototyping, design, art, audio, mastering/release and even promotion if neccessary.

    Off the top of my head, these are the people i can think of and their areas of expertise

    random_dave - Design, testing, limited programming, 2d art, 3d art and audio production skills
    retroshaun - 3d artist
    Septic Lemon - Design, currently making Perfect Red with multimedia fusion
    Aidie/British IBM - Made lunar panda (can't remember the details of the roles and people involved)
    Vipp - Was looking to start playing with Multimedia Fusion
    Nurmix - Music
    Brumisator - Music

    Part of this I think could be used to collaborate on a Marvin Milk project. I'd had a little think about what it may be, but i was stuck with either some sort of fluid dynamics stuff like Archer Macleans mercury, which i feel is a bit too much to be taking on, or a loco roco style thing, which would probably be a bit too ambitious to make the milk blob move and deform in a way that I would want.
    I guess there could be something that could be done with a Marble Madness or Qbert sort of isometric thing, with cereal based enemies that you have to chase and make soggy before heading accross the spoon bridge to the mouth exit, but i'm not sure how you'd die, maybe from the inertia making some enemies hard to chase along narrow paths, and the occasional tile that is a drain that marvin would fall through.

    anyone else have any ideas

    My current work in progress, which has gone on far too long, but now may be getting close to a release (would be nice to do by the end of the christmas break is James & Watch - Arm, which i decided to do after a live news where Scott said it would be cool if someone made a game based around the arm breaking incident.
    It started off very similar to Ball, but to keep it consistent with the story I've had to make some changes, which i think negatively impact the ultimate gameplay, but at the end of the day it's just a silly thing to complement the show.
    I'll be looking to release on Linux and Raspberry Pi first, then possibly Leapster GS, Android, Dreamcast and PSP, as i have built it around SDL 1.2, but I used an SVG library to be able to have my assets look like crisp LCD objects at the vast range of resolutions that the rPi could be using, and I've really struggled to compile this under Windows, so that should come when i make a set of assets and renderer for the PSP using SDL_gfx instead, but I don't think i'll be as happy with it as it will have to scale raster versions of the assets instead of being able to use nice crisp vector stuff.
    I was also thinking of making an actual handheld version using Scotts 3d printer to make a case, but haven't thought of the best internal hardware for this, so may instead just make a giant version that may need one person on each of the directional buttons which could be cool to take to expos for people to play, and have high score competitions on

    anyway, here's some work in progress of the play area/marquee

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    Feel free to list me for physical cart/game production

    Speaking of which, why not make life simple and use the guts of a gameboy ,like an SD or micro (harder to buy at a reasonable price but a better hardware solution) and code the game for that platform. You could even do your own James and Watch compilation on one ROM if you design more. We could work on making a custom case for the existing buttons, screen etc.
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    Vipp Guest


    Evolution of Marvin Milksmall file.jpg

    I want to be in this group for sure. I am currently working on a small game featuring FocusRS. i have been working on a database of hand drawn then Adoby enhanced images to build up a backdrop for the first level which is 480X10240 (approx). im now also working on a character with a 17 stage animation.

    above is a small image i made showing the stages i took to get to the marvin milk we all know and hopfully love. i am investing a lot of time into textures and shading right now and hopefully i will learn fast and be ready to help develop art for the Marvin Milk game. IF anyone here is a graphic artist and think they have a small amount of time to help me improve and learn i will 10000% be a good pupil, i want to know more and will take lessons/advice seriously. a Skype art session would be greatly appreciated. Im looking at you Retro Shaun. Haha!

    anyway i hope i can do this, eventually i would love to be a freelance artist and image manipulator so i can work from home.

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Put me down for music.

    Here's my MULE cover I did using LSDJ (gameboy tracker) recently for STR Ep. 50.

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Gish (a game worked on by Ed Mcmillen of Super Meatboy and Bind of Isaac fame) has some great gameplay ideas that may translate well to Marvin Milk.

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    focusrs Guest


    Now what would have been hilarous for a Marvin Milk Evolution would have been this.

    New Bitmap Image.jpg

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    Vipp Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by focusrs View Post
    Now what would have been hilarous for a Marvin Milk Evolution would have been this.

    New Bitmap Image.jpg
    HAHA! i want that on a t-shirt.

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    random_dave Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by SubaruBrat View Post
    Feel free to list me for physical cart/game production
    I had thought of a using a gameboy advance, cos there's colour support, enough buttons, some grunt that means I don't have to code too efficiently, but getting games up and running on embedded systems like that is no mean feat. At least with PSP there are maths libraries and SDL has been ported (thanks to it having a GPU that can support a lot of the neccessary features)

    But GBA is proper old school seat of your pants stuff, that i think is beyond my reach. At the moment I'm struggling to even get much fast progress on the nice and simple linux port.

    Speaking of which, I've had a bit of a setback. The SVG library that i was using to load and render the graphics was always a bit finickity, but it was nothing that couldn't be eventually ironed out in the past
    But, loading in the latest fancy background, there is just too much on there that doesn't really work properly, and as I'm going to have to eventually make it all work with raster graphics, i'm thinking that I can maybe save myself some trouble and do it now.

    My only problem then, is how to deal with different screen resolutions, especially as the Raspberry pi does not support openGL, so I cannot draw the graphics onto a flat polygon and then use the graphics hardware to scale it quickly and in a mostly pretty way.
    Obviously this is quite a blow to my vision of lovely crisp antaliased vector based illustration, that i wanted for that LCD feel

    Anyway, enough whining, and time to get stuck in prototyping to see what solutions I can come up with

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    random_dave Guest


    rather than drowning my sorrows the other night i ended up running some experiment with the SDL_gfx rotozoomer library, and also the SDL_resize++ library.

    Rotozoomer was fast, but not fantastic quality for scaling the graphics from native 1920x1080 down to 1280x720 (what i was using for testing) It also has some bits and pieces using assembler and mmx instructions, and although it will compile the runtime with C/C++ portable versions of the functions on non x86 hardware i'm loathed to start adding more runtime dependencies onto the project.

    resize++ is simply a .cpp file that you add to the project, so there are no runtime libraries as it is compiled into the binary. It's too slow for realtime scaling (and that's on a 3ghz AthlonII, let alone a raspberry pi) but it produces really bloody good looking output, my tests with the sprites has resulted in antialiasing that is everybit as good as the rendering of the vector graphics.

    So I'm gonna go with resize++, it's nice and simple, uses one function call to resize the source image, and then unload it from memory, leaving just the new scaled one in memory, so I'll add a loading screen with some background to the James & Watch Arm backstory for folks to read whilst it scales all the bits in the background and it'll all be dead simple, in theory, and i think i have all my functions prototyped for precalculating the required cropping values for non 16:9 screens

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    dzfoo Guest


    Hi guys,

    I'm new around these parts, but I am an Intellivision game designer/programmer.

    I have three new and original games in various stages of design, one of which is a sequel to Christmas Carol.

    At the moment, rather than working directly on the games implementations, I am building a complete game development framework for Intellivision games called P-Machinery. My intention is not only to speed up my own game development in the future, but to lower the barriers to other budding programmers discovering the platform.

    At the moment, our development tools are very primitive, and although there is a very dedicated and helpful support system provided by veterans, the learning curve is just too steep, and the tool chain too arcane. I hope to ease that.

    I expect to complete P-Machinery sometime in 2014, just in time to use it for my next game.

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