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    So following on from the news submission in last month's episode - which 3D Classics have you bought, and what do you think of them?

    I've picked up Super Hang On and Sonic so far. I was a little disappointed that Super Hang On was only the arcade mode, I remember the Mega Drive version having a career mode of sorts which would have been nice to have included in the 3D conversion, especially as it wouldn't have taken much more effort than had already been put in. Nonetheless, it looks great when playing, the "fall-in" 3D effect really suits the game, and addition of adjustable difficulties and time limits are a nice touch. The default controls are a little bizarre - they're fine to play with once you know what button does what, I just didn't expect the Y button to be used for accelerate by default!

    Sonic is an excellent port which looks great in 3D, and it comes with plenty of options to work through to customise the game to your preferences. These include a toggle to add the spin dash move to the game (even though it wasn't in the original release, it has been added to several remakes), a choice between fall-in or pop-out 3D effects, whether to play the International or Japanese version of the game, a "classic mode" which curves the image edges and blurs things slightly, giving the game an interesting CRT effect, and a special mode, giving access to the level select menu. Save states are also included, making the game a little easier to pick up and play, knowing you can save and quit any time.

    All in all, though the games are a little pricey (4.49 for SHO and 4.09 for Sonic) they're probably just about worth the price tag that comes with them. Though they're not the games I immediately go to when I pick up my 3DS, I have spent quite a while on both of them in total, and I'm looking forward to picking up Streets Of Rage when that becomes available in the coming weeks.
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    Vipp Guest


    I will be picking up Space Harrier, Sonic and Altered Beast with my Xmas 3DS card - i had no idea that SoR was being released but i will be buying that too, i LOVE that game, fingers crossed we might get Golden Axe 3D, Now that would be awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipp View Post
    fingers crossed we might get Golden Axe 3D, Now that would be awesome!
    There are so many MD games I'd like to see in 3D, Micro Machines and the Strike series come to mind. Hopefully if these few do well enough then Sega will carry on releasing them!

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    bjones371 Guest


    Ecco The Dolphin and Galaxy Force II this week, neither of which appeal to me really. Next week's Streets Of Rage and Shinobi III will make nice early Xmas presents though!

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    Galaxy Force II is pretty good, but definitely needs to have its settings adjusted. (Seriously, Y as the default for guns ????)

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    Vipp Guest


    Gunstar Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are now on the 3DS in Europe. I usually get a 3DS giftcard for crimbo so i will be picking these up. Gunstar has some awesome additional features too - I've taken this quote from the official Sega blog - In addition to the stereoscopic 3D conversion, the 3D Gunstar Heroes features both the Japanese and International release versions, different emulation options, and local co-op multiplayer. It also includes several brand new gameplay modes. Mega Life mode doubles a player’s life from the start, making them harder to kill. Mega Shot mode, which unlocks after clearing the game once, makes all gun attacks do double damage. Finally, there’s Gunslinger mode, which allows players to switch weapons on the fly. This mode was inspired by the subsequent Treasure project, Alien Soldier, now incorporated into 3D Gunstar Heroes’ Gunslinger mode, it will allow players to discover brand new combinations of weapons.

    Sounds epic!
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