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Thread: Septic Lemon has made a game!

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    I cant play it my norton antivirus does not like it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by indieseoul View Post
    Here's your problem. You use Norton as an antivirus.
    HAHA! that is true, all Norton does is update the crap out of your memory and hard drive and interrupt your Brazilian fart porn.

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    OK update time!

    Added a couple of small things into the game

    • Explosions!
    • “Miss” indicators appear when you miss a shot or let an enemy go past you.
    • Big enemies now die “definitely” after 3 shots. No more dodgy 2-4 shots to kill big enemies!
    • Mouse control support*. It’s a bit “crappy” as shooting with left click isn’t as responsive as a keyboard key or joystick button.

    *It’s not shown on screen, but to use Mouse control press the M key to use mouse control. The movement is better, but the shooting isn’t…

    Head over to the update page on my blog to download the latest version!
    Check out my Blog, GreatBitBlog, for reviews, opinions, and much more!

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