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Thread: I've got a Vectrex

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    Quote Originally Posted by saberman View Post
    I'm also getting addicted to Minestorm too although I've only managed to get as far as level 3.
    Minestorm is amazing.

    I think Level 6 or 7 is my best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerSpaceFan View Post
    Congrats! The Vectrex is one of my prized possessions, nothing beats that vector display.

    By the way, there's been a lot of discussion about a collector possibly releasing the ROM for a game called Mail Plane which is a rare game that also uses the Vectrex Light Pen. It's not out yet and you probably don't have a pen but I know Recycled Gamer makes reproductions for a good price (unfortunately out of stock right now).

    Probably a lot of info to take in for a new owner but I figured it was relevant and might be good info for the rest of the Vectrex owners here on GameGavel.
    Mail Plane has now been released by the way.

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