I would like to build a media / emulator / PC game box that connects to the main home TV. I have read multiple recommendations for XBMC.

I have tried multiple times now to set this XBMC software up. But I can never get it to work (well).

I have just wasted another day trying to get it all configured. I just about had the NES emulator working. But I just re-ran XBMC and everything I set up in Advanced Launcher has gone. Running my test PC game (world of goo) just causes a memory violation error every time when called from XBMC.

I have found multiple "how to" blogs but the options they say to use don't seem to exist anymore. The options vary totally depending on the skin you have.

I was using the confluence skin. To run a game, I had to select programs then the advanced launcher add-on and then finally I could select the game. But it was text menus. I would really like a thumbnail/graphic interface to select the game. Do I need to configure the confluence skin to do this? Or do I need to use a different skin.

If I change skin I don't even see advanced launcher as a option so can't run any games at all.

Does anybody use XBMC to play games? I seem to have a total mental block with this software. So can anybody suggest a skin and settings that will give me a nice graphic interface to play games on the TV? Do I use advanced launcher ? or do I use a rom browser add-on ?

Any advice very greatly appreciated!!!!