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Thread: What's Next For Nintendo?

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    bjones371 Guest

    Default What's Next For Nintendo?

    I read an article today detailing software dev plans for Sega and Nintendo, looks like Sega are all for remastering classic games into HD and releasing them as digital downloads in the SEN Store and Xbox Live etc, whereas Nintendo seem more interested in developing new content (a real shame, as Nintendo has a brilliant back catalogue they could really exploit to their advantage). If anyone wants to read the article, here it is...

    This got me thinking though, as the Wii U continues to struggle (some major UK supermarkets have removed it from store shelves already) and the 2DS looks to become a subject of minor ridicule from opinions I've heard so far, are Nintendo running short of ideas? I love my 3DSXL, it's a brilliant console, and I've also recently bought a GBASP to play some of my favourite old GB games on Nintendo hardware, showing that their handheld history is very strong, and the N64 and Wii still get used heavily in my house.

    So, have Nintendo reached their peak with the technology in the 3DS, and are the Wii U and 2DS a sign of what we can expect from Nintendo from now on?
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    Vipp Guest


    You left a great message mate but for me it seems clear that you answer your own question. im not a nintendo fan but i do like a few games enough to keep a 3DS in the house. also whilst christmas shopping on Saturday i saw a WiiU and was shocked at how nice the game looked, mario was looking better than ever in his world. but Nintendo wont fail because fans tend to buy several of thier consoles and then the titles that appear on each. Nintendo have enough hardcore followers to keep them relevant. I hope they stay in the running unlike Sega who lost out but to be fair it appears history has tought us that Zelda fans will re-buy zelda if it has a different case or it came with a green hat or what ever they do. but thats not bad at all.

    great post mate and with any luck Sega will HD their catalog and Nintendo may persuade Sega to make new titles too.

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    bjones371 Guest


    You could be spot on with their hardcore followers keeping them afloat, I'm not far off being one myself, having owned at least one (usually two) hardware revision of every generation of handheld Nintendo have made since the original Game Boy, most of the home consoles, and also falling for the traps of buying slightly remade editions of their major franchises such as Zelda, Pokemon, Mario etc. though as a positive that demonstrates the replayability of the various IPs they have at their disposal. MK8 was on demo at Play Expo and did look very pretty, but still didn't compel me to run to the shops and buy a Wii U, and the queue to play it never reached the length of those at the PS4 and Oculus VR stands either.

    It's the hardware that will be interesting, to see where they go next with handheld gaming and what they can produce that's so much better than 3DS it makes it worth buying. Then how they recover from the Wii U on the home console front, be it with a revision of the Wii U, or something new altogether. The 2DS seems like a step back, but could attract some less serious gamers with the lower price point. A 3D handheld with a higher resolution than 400x240 (in 3D mode) could really work, but I'm not sure if the way the parallax barrier technology works would prevent that from becoming a reality on a smaller screen.

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    Vipp Guest


    I agree mate, i will (and have been) keeping my 3DS well looked after and loved, i think it's brilliant and i enjoy the games especially Mario 3D. hopefully they will progress and move on to better things. You also mentioned Nintendo and their back catalog, Nintendo need to release the back catalog. And when they do it would be nice if they didn't charge silly prices like on the 3DS store... lol.

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    bjones371 Guest


    Mario 3D Land is a superb platformer with great replay value, I've just done all the levels again as Luigi to get a 5 star save yeah digital download prices seem inflated on every platform, SEN Store suffers the same issue (GTA for 60?! No thanks!)

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    Vipp Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by bjones371 View Post
    Mario 3D Land is a superb platformer with great replay value, I've just done all the levels again as Luigi to get a 5 star save yeah digital download prices seem inflated on every platform, SEN Store suffers the same issue (GTA for 60?! No thanks!)
    I have seen worse on SEN, recently the increased prices on certain games and put them in a Horror sale!

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    some major UK supermarkets have removed it from store shelves already
    That's not good. Gamecube all over again.
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    random_dave Guest


    If the WiiU ever drops to the Virtual Boy esque point of being practically given away i'll certainly buy a few, there's plenty of decent games and they'd make a good console to take on holiday cos it's small and a lot of games don't need a tv to play on ;-)

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    Vipp Guest


    This is true, i would pick one up if they ever went close to 100. Nintendo sure know how to make a console.

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    bjones371 Guest


    Sure if the price drops enough I'd be tempted weigh in, an offer of the premium console and a Zelda Wind Walker HD for 200 on a one day only deal on almost dragged me in, but there just weren't enough other games (at the time) to make the expense worthwhile.

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