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Thread: The Intellivisionaries - Episode 1 - Now Available

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    custom controller time Dont think it is feasible to hack a intelly controller with that mylar inside, besides the disc and keypad are interlinked with each other so cutting a trace to isolate would probably not work. I had thought of feeding the signals into a basic stamp to watch for those special addresses on the pins that shows a keypad button is pressed along with the disc and then output the keypad signal to port two and divert it from port 1. dont have enough address lines on the stamp though unless two are daisychained.

    The simpliest would be to create new controller to feed directional inputs to port 1 and keypad inputs to port two directly via some diode logic or such. May try this out after I finish the Kaboom Mini Cab for Socal (I aready have had several emails from my viewers asking to build them the wii2600 paddle controllers, its busy times around here )

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    You're more qualified than I am for a hardware mod like this. Of course the goal, for me anyway, would be to retain the original controller. Maybe completely discard the original circuit matrix, and create a new one that separates keypad from disc, then create some sort of adapter that can route the signals to the correct controller wire. Maybe we should pose this as a challenge on the show and see what the Intellivision hardware gurus come up with.

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