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Thread: Wii friend code thingies.

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    Default Wii friend code thingies.

    I've been in a mood lately for something different (switched my computer to 100% Linux for example. Beat the first RPG I've beaten since the SNES era recently with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest as well. lol)

    So that turns me to the Wii I got a while back for 10 bucks.

    Black Ops Ally Code: 5439-2617-0209
    Modern Warfare 3 Ally Code: 2010-2139-4779
    Goldeneye 007 friend code: 0377-6979-1576 (without the dashes, don't know if that matters)
    Mario Kart code: 4729-0376-7091

    Thinking about getting CoD 4, CoD: World at War and The Conduit one of these days. lol
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