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Thread: Game Release - "Don't Flip Out!"

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    spinal Guest

    Cool Game Release - "Don't Flip Out!"


    Hi guys, my first OUYA game is now live and 100% free! It's a puzzle game with a simple goal, roll your cube over all of the yellow/red tiles to remove them and get to the exit (green tile). Rolling over a yellow tile will remove it, rolling over a red tile will turn it yellow. All tiles must be removed to finish the level.

    Currently it can be found in the 'sandbox' section, right at the very end (I assume all new games end up there). please don't hesitate to give it a thumbs up if you like it!

    Any feedback is welcome, Thank you.

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    spinal Guest


    No interest at all?
    Here is some nice gameplay footage, remember the OUYA version is in full 1080p!

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    Vipp Guest


    There is no question that you are making great games Spinal, the issue is with the the OUYA, I'm not sure many folks here took to it. Im sure Septic Lemon will give it a blast when he gets round to this thread.

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    SoCal has one too.

    I have my Samsung Galaxy S3 and an HDMI lead and bluetooth pad which amounts to the same thing.
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    spinal Guest


    Shame, I've only had mine a short while and I think it's great!

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    Vipp Guest


    I do like the sound of playing 2 player canabolt with Septic Lemon, i love that game.

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