Hello guys,

I'd like to check with you how did you connect a tube TV to your PC for your MAME cab?

To tell a short story, I need new ideas on how to do this.

I have two old video cards:
-Geforce 8500GT with S-Video
-even older Riva TNT2 M64 with RCA output.

None of the video cards are outputing video from S-Video or RCA. They are working correctly by the VGA output.

I know that the setup works because I have an old (but useful) HP notebook that can output its s-video when requested. In this way, I know that the cable (hand made by me) and the TV are working OK. By the way, I am running XP on both machines (notebook and PC for the MAME cab).

I already tried more then a dozen drivers and it seems to have no solution. Have you ever had a similar problem?

Have you ever tried those no brand VGA to TV converters? I think this will be my next play, but the reviews I saw on Amazon gave me some doubts if it will work.

The main issue here is that I am stubborn and will not give up using a TV to use a VGA tube monitor or LCD.