I read a good article today, which I thought was going to be about the big Sony vs Microsoft battle at E3, however some interesting snippets about the history of E3 and Sony vs Microsoft vs Sega.


It's pretty much written into console gaming folklore that the playstation was originally destined to be a joint Nintendo / Sony venture, it's been discussed lots of times with lots of laughing and pointing at Nintendo (queue Nelson from the Simpson - "Haha")

However I didn't realise that after this Sony tried to team up with Sega.... Sega America were up for it but the idea was binned by the Sega board back in Japan.

They said: ĎThatís a stupid idea, Sony doesnít know how to make hardware. They donít know how to make software either. Why would we want to do this?
So after the rebuff from Sega they decided to go it alone. The rest, as they say, is history.

For more info check out the story.