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Thread: The Awkward First Post

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    Angus MacFrankenstein Guest

    Default The Awkward First Post

    (Text below typed originally on Saturday, July 20--I was interrupted before posting)

    Good Morning! Itís an early morning for me, not quite six a.m. now. Itís quiet and comfortable inside, and storming outside. Itís a good change; itís been too hot and muggy and miserable. The catís flitting around, mewing, and stroking my legsósheís suspicious of my motives. And behind me, in a small picture frame, march a procession of Space Invader monsters. Mrs. MacFrankenstein cross-stitched them for me.

    Okay, so this is the awkward first post, in more ways than one. Iím completely new to this: Iíve been a lurker, content with using internet resources to listen and learn. I joined one forum, not an unfriendly one, about ten years ago. I posted once, realized I had nothing else to say, and deleted the account. So, no Facebook, no Linked-In, etc.; this is all new to me. I probably havenít even written a proper letter in years. If this were a Sam Cooke song, youíd be hearing something like, ďDonít know much about NET-i-KIT/ Donít know much about the things I typedÖĒ Please expect and accept missteps.

    Iíve been gaming, on and off, for about thirty years. Growing up, my gaming opportunities were limited as I grew up in Middle-of-Nowhere, Ohio. (And we know all about Ohio, donít we? ) When and where I grew up, there werenít too any malls or arcades, and few quarters to spare on arcade machines anyway. My younger brother and I eventually got hold of first an Atari VCS and later, an NES, and we played the hell out of the games we got hold of.

    One Friday night at college, I challenged the future Mrs. Maggie MacFrankenstein to a two-player game of Super Mario. I played first. After not-quite-an-hour, I had played through every stage, no warp zones, with one Mario, and I handed the future Mrs. MacFrankenstein the controller, and I said, ďYour turn!Ē To be fair, I donít think I could do that again, but I wonít let Mrs. MacFrankenstein forget about it. But then, Mrs. MacFrankenstein wonít let me forget how she got the Knights of the Round materia in Final Fantasy VII, and I didnít. Sheís been gaming for at least twenty years, but sheís not really into the retro scene, preferring Japanese RPGs. She once told me she figured that she logged in some 500 hours in a game called Disgaea.

    Iíve been listening to the Retrogaming Roundup, Iíd guess, for about two years. I found RGR because I was looking for something like it. Mrs. MacFrankenstein and I were experimenting with software like Game Maker, trying to build games on a strictly hobbyist-level. I like immersion in a subject, and I was reading video game histories, taking in gaming-related videos on YouTube, and Iíve probably watched The King of Kong more than Iíve watched Star Wars. I listen to a lot of movie podcasts anyway, and I wanted to find a good gaming podcast. I did: I found the Retrogaming Roundup and became quickly hooked. We havenít touched Game Maker for awhile, but Iím still listening to the Retrogaming Roundup. The RGR opens doors, new potential avenues of gaming that I hadnít seriously considered, and new ways to travel these. As I said, I didnít see too many arcade machines and classic computers, but RGR allows me that experience often for the first time. I played Intellivision (on DS, to be fair) for the very first time a couple of months ago, after having listened to the interviews with Keith Robinson, and having heard the Intellivision Top Ten. I rescued a used public library PC, and turned it into a combination MAME/PinMAME/DOSBox device, and Iím seriously thinking about taking up soldering and some electronics work now, but itíll be some time before I take up that set of projects. Iíve experimented with a Raspberry Pi, but thatís mostly in the category of puttering. It isnít all about the learning--I laugh a lot when I listen to the Retrogaming Roundup, and that shouldnít be understated, either. Iíve been having a damn good time listening to you guys!

    Lately, Iíve been playing Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS, and itís an incredibly fun game, if sometimes awkward in terms of control. Iíve been revisiting Warcraft 2. This is the game that really pushed me into installing DOSBox. I found a copy of the Warcraft Battlechest at a second-hand store, and the discs were in excellent shape. I played the game years before on a borrowed Sega Saturn, when the Saturn was still comparatively new, but I never finished the game, and now I mean to. Iíve logged about seventy hours in Skyrim, but Iíve set that game aside for awhileóIíve reached a saturation point for now, but I like Skyrim, and itís a game thatís designed so a player can take the time to savor the thing. Skyrim is really about the journey and not the destination. I think XCOM: Enemy Unknown is brilliant. Iíve groused for years that someone like Tom Clancy should write a good alien invasion story and I think the XCOM story is pretty close, and the game play is suspenseful, brutal and addictive. I like to knock out a couple of rounds of Phoenix and Time Pilot every so often. I picked up Adventure on Atari for the first time in maybe twenty years, after having watched CGE Adventures play-throughs, and I had forgotten how much fun Adventure is to play.

    I think Iíll close up this awkward thing hereóI think I risk being TL;DLíd off! Iíve already typed more here than I typed at that other forum, and I hope to type a bit more here.

    (Above typed Saturday morning, July 20, 2013óPostscript typed Sunday Morning)

    Okay, I admit it: I time-shifted this monthís live news. I donít want to get into the details, but itís been an eventful and stressful couple of days here in MacFrankensteinLand, and last night, it was good to hear Scott and SoCalís mini-Vegas bar-crawl. (When I left the house, there were three guests listening on the feedóI might have been the last unregistered Ustream listener standing!) I still canít believe the news producer of that TV station has a jobóthose people got it so wrong! (Did I spell that last word right? Okay, good!) I canít touch the alcoholic stuff much anymore, but I raise my bottle of cranberry juice to you, gentlemen!

    And I promise, I wonít tell anyone about that incident with TriciaÖ

    Take Care!

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Welcome to the forums! It's great to hear your backstory. I too was a lurker here for quite a while. I can tell you straight off, that you'll fit right in. Everyone here is pretty nice, and helpful, and full of gaming knowledge (and otherwise). My wife is also not as much into the retro scene (also preferring newer Final Fantasies and other current gen RPGs).

    Again, welcome! And I hope to see more of your posts in the future! FYI, did you know Hotline Miami was made in Game Maker? It's ported to a ton of platforms now too! I was pretty impressed with that fact, and I've dabbled a little in GM too (Only made that first fruit demo game so far).

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    Welcome man... its all fun and games in here - for the most part!

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    Vipp Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Angus MacFrankenstein View Post
    And I promise, I wonít tell anyone about that incident with TriciaÖ
    Welcome to the Forum MacFrankenstein (sounds to me like you are already one of the family) great first post too, now whats that incident? i didn't stay to the end but this makes me think i should have done.

    Also your game choices are brilliant mate - Enjoy the RGR forums mate.

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    Angus MacFrankenstein Guest


    Thank you for the welcome, Vipp!

    The "Tricia Incident" was just an accident that that happened during the bar-crawl portion of the Live News segment--I won't say what it was here--partly, to let our hosts keep the surprise intact for those who didn't hear that part yet, but mostly because I have a guilty conscience!

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    Vipp Guest


    Haha! That will teach me for not staying to the end of Live News. can't wait to find out what happened. lol

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    Angus MacFrankenstein Guest



    Thank you for your welcome, sir!

    I didn't know Hotline Miami was a Game Maker project--I see that it's available on PSN, and I'll have to check that out. I knew Yo-yo games released a number of games on iOS, and I've played a couple (Simply Solitare and Karoshi), but I don't know if these were made on Game Maker software or released by Yo-yo and made with other software.

    Do you still work with Game Maker? We used a book, The Game Maker's Apprentice, Jacob Habgood and Mark Overmars, and the authors were part of the Game Maker project. It's an excellent book

    I just checked, and Game Maker is still at version 8.1. We have the Pro version of version 8, and The Game Maker's Apprentice was written for version 7, but we were able to work around the differences.
    Last edited by Angus MacFrankenstein; 22-07-13 at 12:15. Reason: Reason for editing--because I don't know how to drive this blankety-blank thing!

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    Angus MacFrankenstein Guest


    Thank for your welcome, retroshaun--I'm looking forward to having fun here!

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    All Your Base Guest


    Welcome aboard mate.

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    Angus MacFrankenstein Guest


    Sorry for being late in responding, but thank you!

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