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    Ouya seems to be getting a bit better. I still need someone to school me on EMU's. I have the NES emu working fine but the SNES, Atari, etc. I can't see to figure out which folder(s) to put the ROMS. I have them in there, in what I think is the right place, but the EMU's can't seem to find them. PLEASE HELP !

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    The SNES and Atari Emulators don't need the ROMs to be put into a set folder.

    If you're like me who's using a USB flash drive. You need to find the "mnt" directory, in that you'll find the USB flash drive, and then it'll be just what you see in that drive and you can run the roms from there.

    the C64 emulator on the other hand needs it's roms to be placed in the SDcard0 folder for it to work.
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