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Thread: The TxK thread

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    random_dave Guest

    Default The TxK thread

    I thought I'd start a thread for TxK, now that Jeff has started posting screenshots and videos

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Aweosme! I love the Tempest series, and Jeff's work on Tempest 2000/3000. Was TxK used to avoid copyright issues with the Tempest name?

    I also submitted this as news a few days ago to RGR.

    As one of the the lonely Vita owners, I will definitely pick this up!
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    Vipp Guest


    Tempest looks like a really hard game to play. Even when i watched Random Dave stream some of the game play it still looked really challenging.

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    random_dave Guest


    There's of positive reviews for this floating around, it seems to have been an instant hit!

    You lucky Americans can already get it on the PlayStation Store (so what are you waiting for), EU Vita owners have to patiently wait until later this afternoon.

    I have cleared my schedule, and have the subwoofer on standby, there's going to be some booming techno coming from my house today

    Now if only Sony would let me put my American or European accounts on my Vita TV

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    cross_bearer_02 Guest


    I grabbed this today from the PS Store, and I haven't put it down. I'd say my Vita has seen more gameplay this evening alone than it has the entirety of 2013. I absolutely loved Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar. Love this game, too!

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    random_dave Guest


    For those without Vitas, it's a 3 month platform exclusive, and we know that Jeff has been given a PS4 devkit. I think PC has been mentioned too, so hopefully it should eventually come out on a platform that suits everyone.

    It really is great, and dare I say it, may even allow me to part with my Jag, as it feels like it could be a worthy replacement for T2000

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    Diagamblic Guest


    I completely agree Dave! I had Tempest 2000 on the Jag and sold it years back. I'm so happy to have this game now! It is literally my favorite VITA game now by far. Can't stop playing it .

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