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Thread: Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2013, October 5th-6th

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    Quote Originally Posted by miner2049er View Post
    You mean SoCal Mike?
    Exactly. I've only heard him in voice form before. He could have been a super-advanced AI unit, with Robot to throw us off. But there he was! Weird hearing someone for years only through your iPod and then hear them in person. That happened several times(Gamester81, WoFF guys, MetalJesusRockx).

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    you the best mike . i wish i recorded our bantering while shopping but i did get most of it for stalking the retro. pretty funny stuff . i plan on going to PRGE next year to help you and John at the show . maybe by then i will get my act together and have a Colecovisions Podcast booth for Coleco Holdings LLC to show off new stuff as well . and ya. you made my day getting me that bandai block out game i have been searching for years for
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