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Thread: Anyone watching the Sony stream tonight?

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    Default Anyone watching the Sony stream tonight?

    I'll probably get carted away by the retro police for asking this but just wondered if anyone else was watching Sony unveil their technological marvel this evening?

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    random_dave Guest


    I watched it, but it was a rather meh to be honest

    Although i already knew what the hardware was, so that was never going to be new and interesting for me, but out of the games shown only the Capcom title interested me at all

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    Jammajup Guest


    I have read a little on the web about it but that is all really.

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    I believe that the current generation has been very good to us Retro gamers. The Wii Virtual Console as well as plenty of games on WiiWare, PSN and XBLA which where either retro themed, retro inspired or retro regurges (Hey SoCal).
    I expect more from the next-gen.

    I was disappointed to hear that PSN purchases are not transferable from PS3 to PS4. This has nothing to do with backwards compatibility. They just don't seem to understand that a service like PSN needs it's continuity and can't be disrupted every time you launch new hardware.

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    Vipp Guest


    i have spend hundreds on the PSN there is now way im buying the games again. whats more im sure the prices havent dropped in years for the titles i bought. i love sonic but the new sonic (small) games are not worth 9.99 each... It is noce to see so much Sega stuff on the PSN.

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    I watched it, and I wasn't too impressed with that they had to offer to the physical media gamer. Most of the presentation for what's new for the system itself focused way too much on digital distribution. In certain spots, you could tell the hardware was more powerful, but you really couldn't tell if it was doctored video or pre rendered. Would have been nice to see a side by side comparison update to a current PS3 title to show just how much more they could do.


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