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Thread: SimCity (2013) Beta players thread!

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    Default SimCity (2013) Beta players thread!

    So yeah! Who's on the Sim City Beta?

    After my little issue with IGN yesterday... I got to play the Sim City, and I really like it! I'm under agreement with Maxis not to release any pictures as I'm not aloud to. But hey, there's plenty of pictures and videos from other web sites and youtube.

    So what to people think of it? I love the fact that electricity and water travel under roads, meaning you don't have to lay pipes and electrical cables. That and the "You'll make $X per hour" meter on the bottom of the screen is super handy!

    What I don't like... EVERYTHING has to be next to a road! So nice little parks in forests and stuff like that, you got to build a dirt road before you can build it.

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    Thought about it but realized I don't have time of PC power. A couple of my good friends are developing the game as it happens, I hear nothing but great things about it. Can't wait for the official release... by then I may have a job and a decent PC. Then again, I may win the lottery too


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