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Thread: Wii U Virtual Console details.

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    Default Wii U Virtual Console details.

    So Nintendo has pulled a Nintendo. I will keep my roms and emulator or stick to original hardware.

    I have no desire to repurchase old roms for $8 a pop and have them be tied to one piece of hardware. And they are really sticking to the one game a month model!!!!

    Give me the whole back catalogue, 99 cent to 2 dollar pricing, and cross 3ds Wii u play and I might buy into the virtual console till then count me out.

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    Yep, at a buck a game I would be buying batches of 10~20 games all the time, and have a huge VC library, instead Nintendo has gotten $0.0 from me.
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    The most insulting thing to me is that they are doling them out so slowly. Also I find it interesting there is no N64 support. Probably because half the first party titles on the 3DS are N64 remakes.
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    Not only that, but PAL systems STILL play NES games in 50hz!

    Proof in the video, notice the slow down tempo in the music, that's 50hz PAL >

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    Pretty bad when the Sony store gives more value than the Nintendo store. PS1 classics I bought a few years back on my PS3 work on my PSP Go, and when I got my Vita as long as the game is supported on the Vita, I can download it on there too and play it.

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