Hi all,

Any one else been waiting ages for the Skyrim add on packs to appear on PSN? They've been available on PC for a while, and I think on xbox360 too, but not for poor PS3 owners...until now.

The Dragonborn add on pack appeared last week (and was half price for 1 week). The Heathfire pack is now available, and is half price for this week, so get it. I'm hoping Dawnguard will be up there soon as well.

Not done a full play through yet, I'm about half way through Dragonborn, and have just started Heathfire.

Dragonborn is pretty interesting and is a fair size add on pack with cool new map. I like that Bethesda have guessed most of us will be level 50 by the time we get these add on packs so everything you fight is hard as nails instead of mind numbingly easy.

Without giving away spoilers to those who havent played it, Im not yet sure what to make of the Hearthfire add on pack. I love RPGs, but its gets a little too real when I have to take a break from kicking dragon ass to go get a mortgage and have a bunch of kids...

Anyone else bought these on PSN yet?