...are pretty much non-existent. BUT in downtown Grand Rapids, there are two outstanding places to get your gaming on and also put yourself half in the bag.

One place is Stella's Lounge http://stellasgr.com/

The cover page does not lie, the burger here is to DIE FOR! And on Thursdays, it's half price. It's a total barcade, with a black and dark neon-red theme that has cheap drinks, beers out of mason jars and good food!

The machines they have (off of the top of my head, and I may be mistaken because I was muy intoxicado while i was here):

Star Wars (1983 Atari, not the 1990s Sega one that I prefer)
Track And Field
Moon Patrol
Asteroids (where I set the high score and I used the name SEX, naturally)
Multiple MultiCades
Mortal Kombat 2
Punch-Out (upper monitor was not working properly)
Street Fighter 2 (original)

And they had a few pinball machines:
Funhouse (ate one of my quarters since it was missing a pinball)
DISCO FEVER - UK MIKE!!!! But, unfortunately, this one was turned off the night I was there (I live about an hour away from downtown GR.)
The Simpsons - I was too drunk to remember if this was the new Stern one or if there was an early 90s one, but this was turned off as well.
Ted Nugent - an old EM game that was pretty meh.

The pinball machines are kinda crammed in the corner of this bar and I was smushed up against a party of guidos. I really love this place, and it's a nice club as well. Here's a picture of me after setting the ridiculously low high score (they must turn this one off every day): ResizedImage951357324707291.jpg

Also, across the street from Stella's, is a bar called The Pyramid Scheme pyramidschemebar.com/ . And if you're a pinball fiend but have no place to go or no money to buy a machine, this place is for you! They have cheap beer ($2 PBR (That's Pabst Blue Ribbon, for our UK friends. Very low-quality beer, but the hipsters like it and it's not terrible) tallboys, multiple local taps, and a bunch of liquor, but no food)

They had four rows of Pinball Machines, and one cocktail version of Ms. Pac-Man where she was running at warp speed! I've never seen a Ms. Pac Man where Ms. Pac Man whips around the mazes faster!

Anyways, they have about two dozen machines ranging from classics to the modern Stern tables and I'll rattle off what I remember (I was drinking, haha):

Star Wars (Data East)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
World Cup '94
The Getaway: High Speed II
Jurassic Park
Elvira Scared Stiff
Bride of PinBot (was SUPER EXCITED to play this one, as I have destroyed the games on the PS2 collections)
The Addams Family
Lord of the Rings (the only machine that was down, it had a plunger issue)
Private Eye
Creature from the Black Lagoon
White Water (hard as hell!)
Twilight Zone
Circus Voltaire
Medieval Madness

And there was one more table between Twilight Zone and Circus Voltaire, but my alcohol-clouded memory precludes me from remembering which one it was. I took a few pictures, but none of them are any good. Next time I'm there I will take more detailed photos.

Needless to say, these two places are a MUST if you love gaming or pinball. And it's pretty much the only place in West Michigan where you can play this many games in the wild. I live in Muskegon, which is about an hour west of here (look at your right palm, and I live right on the left edge where your pinky meets your hand. GR is about 2/3ds of an inch to the southeast). We only have Bowling Alleys with gutted arcade machines that work when the want to. They used to have a Baby Pac-Man but now it's all worthless Redemption bulls***.

Game on!