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Thread: Tano Dragon 64 New in Box for 50 bucks.

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    Default Tano Dragon 64 New in Box for 50 bucks.

    A cool looking clone of the Coco. UK Mike has discussed this computer on the podcast before but now you can own an NTSC version if you have 50 bucks to part with.
    Buy it here:
    Check out a review:

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    Yup they have been selling those for years and years. I bought one a while back, its truly beautiful! I owned the original Dragon 32 and 64 back in the day (ish) and its really special to open a brand new in box machine after all these years. My only complaint is they took for EVER to ship it. Crazy slow, and we were in the same state

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    I bought one last year to add to my retro computer collection.Pretty cool machine.

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