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    So, a game about Ghosts blowing bubbles...

    Either that's an innuendo, or a great GameBoy game!
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    Diagamblic Guest


    Great! I remember having an FCI poster that came packed in with WCW Super Brawl of all things, and this a game that was mentioned. Fun puzzle game! I'll definitely check out your blog.

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    Vipp Guest


    The Bubble Ghost theme song is pretty intense for a gameboy game. Another nice addition to your blog mate.

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    Vipp Guest


    After watching you stream the new SimCity and wanting to get back to Transport Tycoon i still have an interest in playing one of the Sim Games... Then this came in the post this morning!

    RG Simcity.jpg

    Though you might like this cover mate. Now i will get a Sim game, hopefully this will let me know what the better titles are.

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