This weekend my Wife and her Mom went down to Jersey for a baby shower. Before coming back up to Massachusetts they stopped by their old house (currently being maintained by her Mom's ex husband) to pick up some stuff they had left.
On her Mom's last trip down, she brought back an Atari, a bunch of games, and my Wife's old Game Gear.
This trip saw an expansion to the Star Wars figure collection, the original box for her Genesis, and this gem.

It's a lenticular that went inside a big cardboard advertisement for the game. The lenticular effect allows it to show another game in the then upcoming Squaresoft library.

It's not only showing two games for different systems, but the date for The Bouncer is wrong. It got delayed (likely just after this was made) until two months after.

Looked up some info on this thing, and I can find some people who previously sold the entire display, and one guy on Ebay has the display for sale for a buy it now of $499.99!
So yeah, this may be the most expensive piece of retro gaming I have in my collection. In terms of second hand market pricing and original price.

It stands three feet tall (almost one meter) and just shy of two feet wide (61cm). This thing is getting a frame when I got out shopping tomorrow.