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Thread: RockBoshersDX - A ZX Spectrum-esque game for the Vita (PlayStation Mobile app)

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    Default RockBoshersDX - A ZX Spectrum-esque game for the Vita (PlayStation Mobile app)

    Thought i'd give you lot the heads up on this game i've discovered. I've not got around to actually buying it, so i can't attest to how it plays, but at only 2.19 the screenshots and audio on the official site make it look like it could be worth that price just for the craftmanship alone

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    Looks interesting, does it have colour clash?
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    spot me a couple of quid and i'll find out ;-)

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    Well I decided to download it before a loo break this morning, and i've not spent a great deal of time with it, but so far it's pretty fun
    It has some witty, and very british dialogue, and i really dig the overall presentation

    There's no colour clash, instead the sprites are presented as if they had no 'mask' so the background of the bounding box around them is a solid black, and obscures the background graphics. Sounds like it'd be shit, but it looks fine, and helps distinguish the tea and scones and other pickups, so that they don;t blend into the other graphics tiles. This is a close up of the player sprite (teal) walking across a bridge (green)

    So far my only real complaint is that the settings for the right analogue stick seem to bias to the diagonals, so shooting up, down, left, right can sometimes be a little tricky, but maybe my motor skills will get better at hitting them with time.

    So after 3 levels, which has seen a blend of exposition, comedy, collecting (there are hidden rooms within the rock faces) and shooting zombies I'm more than happy with spending 2.19, I'll have to see if the feeling starts to wear off as i get further into it

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    That does look fantastic. Genuinely Spectrumushroomy.

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    played a few more levels last night, with the rate of your fire, the amount and respawn rate of zombies and the dastardly position of some automated turrets it's certainly no walk in the park

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