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Thread: Wii U Game Recommendations

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    Default Wii U Game Recommendations

    Post your Wii U game recommendations here!

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    Nintendo Land is a great game for both single and multiplayer games. The mini-games are high quality, all with Nintendo Themes. For multiplayer, my family liked Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase the best. With the gamepad, they really are trying to leverage what was tried with the gamecube/GBA combo, like that pacman game where one person is pacman on the GBA and the others are the ghosts. That is essentially the same game play for the Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase. It works a lot better in this format (the gamepad screen, for one, is a lot larger than the GBA screens). The Luigi one was unique because the player playing the ghost can tag the Luigi characters if they sneak up from behind or from the sides. The Luigi characters can't see the ghost, but they can stop the ghost if they happen to hit it with their flashlights. My daughters enjoyed playing both of those a lot. Great family/friends game.
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    Wii Party U comes with a Wii Motion Plus controller, so the game really isn't too expensive if you need an extra controller. Not all of the mini-games here are great, but there were some that were very fun.

    One is like a speed version of Pictionary. Everyone is given a turn to draw something on the gamepad in 15 seconds. Three of the people have the same word to draw, one has a different word. At the end, you view all the pictures on the TV and vote to see which person was given the different word. The words given, though, will usually look alike when quickly drawn (e.g. train tracks and film strip).

    Another is one that we are calling Finger Twister. You arrange the game pad and the wii controllers together on the floor as seen on the TV. The players sit in a circle around the controllers. The game will then say which Mii, which controller, and which button to press. You have to hold it down until you are told to release it. The first 5 turns the Mii's are called out, after that anyone can press the button called. So like the game Twister, you get all tangled up. But instead of your bodies getting twisted together, it is just your arms, hands, and fingers. The first 5 turns ensure that everyone is reaching across the controllers to hold in buttons and then you try to see how high a score you can reach.

    Other unique games on here are the retro table top games. This is where the game pad is placed on the table between two people and you play strictly on the game pad. It has an old handheld, table top feel to it. I haven't played a lot of these, but the baseball one gets good reviews. Each person controls one analog stick on the gamepad and you have an overhead view of the baseball diamond. You take turns pitching and batting. You can pitch different speeds using the analog stick, so there is some strategy. Targets on the field determine your hit or if the ball is caught. My daughters didn't play that one as much, but I liked it and it did have that retro table top game feel to it.

    Overall, this is a great game for multiplayers. Probably not as fun if you are just playing it alone. If you find it used for cheap, it is worth picking up just to try out the retro table top games.

    EDIT: Another one of the table top games is a marble obstacle course (1-2 players on the gamepad). This looks and feels like the old Run Yourself Ragged marble obstacle course table top game.
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    I've been playing the NES Remix after hearing about it on the RGR news segment. It actually reminds me of a larger version of NES World Championship. On that you had to collect 50 coins on Super Mario Brothers, finish one lap on Rad Racer, and then use the rest of the time to score points on Tetris. On the NES Remix they give you similar goals in a wide variety of games.

    You don't get all the games to start with, but you unlock them pretty fast. The discrete challenges are short enough that it is easy to play in small intervals, but fun enough to want to come back and return playing.

    I do wish it was on the 3DS because it would make a great portable game where you could play it in quick bursts. Or since it is on the Wii U, they should have added a multiplayer mode where it turns into a customized NES World Championship game.

    Still, it is very enjoyable for $15.
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    As a World of Goo fan, I had to try Little Inferno. You burn toys in a fireplace. It sounds boring and could teach your kids to burn stuff, but is quite fun. It is more of a riddle game than a puzzle game. The challenge is figuring out the combos. They will give you a semi-obscure title and you will have to figure out which two or three things from your catalog are used to make that combo (e.g. Somebody Else's Combo, Springtime Combo, Generations Combo). They do indicate how many things are needed. At first you just have one catalog, but as you unlock more catalogs there are a lot of combos to try.

    It is a much different game than World of Goo and the soundtrack is more subdued and subtle, but I would still recommend this game to World of Goo fans and as a very unique puzzle game ($10 US).
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    This has been out since July, but a nice virtual console game on Wii U is EarthBound ($10). I haven't played it yet, but it sounds like a Dragon Warrior like RPG, but set in modern days. And since used SNES carts of the game sell for $100+, I am glad that it got released on VC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drich255 View Post
    This has been out since July, but a nice virtual console game on Wii U is EarthBound ($10). I haven't played it yet, but it sounds like a Dragon Warrior like RPG, but set in modern days. And since used SNES carts of the game sell for $100+, I am glad that it got released on VC.
    You're in for a surprise then. Earthbound is an RPG in the academic sense (it has stats and it has turn-based gameplay, and you generally control a party of 1-3 characters on an overworld map talking to people and solving puzzles). But the story is very different than any RPG you've likely come across before. But it's an excellent game.

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    I can't recommend Lego City Undercover. The load times are too long. It takes about a minute to just get to the title screen and then another minute to load your game. And then every time there is a cut scene it is another minute of loading and then another minute to reload the game. And there are a lot of cut scenes in the beginning of the story.

    If you do love the Lego games, I think this one could be enjoyable. It is a much larger world than the older Lego games. Instead of individual levels it is one large city to explore. But I wouldn't recommend paying full price for this game, buy it used or wait for the price to drop.
    Others say it is a little faster on the loading if you download the game directly from the eShop, but not by much.

    EDIT: So I have been playing a little bit longer in the game and I must admit there are some funny parts. There is a Shawshank Redemption parody in an Alcatraz like prison, including a Lego figure that sounds like Morgan Freeman. It was pretty funny. And of course this was there for the adults, since most kids playing wouldn't have read the book or watched the movie.

    So I don't regret getting this game. The load times appear to interrupt less as the game play continues (shorter tutorial levels in the beginning, longer levels later on), but you will have to decide if it is worth it or not.
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    Maniac Mansion fans should look into Ron Gilbert's game The Cave. It is on several platforms, not just Wii U.

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    Not out yet, but I am looking forward to 90's Arcade Racer. The developer wanted it to be like Scud Race, Daytona USA, and Indy 500. As of now it is scheduled for a mid 2014 release. Besides Wii U, it will also be on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
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