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Thread: Who got one?

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    I would.

    If I had one of course.
    Before you insult a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you insult him, you'll be a mile away, and have his shoes.
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    annoying, yes
    unbearable, no

    i am hoping this is a case of unoptimized software. only time will tell.

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    Game over here did a deal last week for a WiiU Deluxe with ZombiU for 309.99 (about 40 discount on RRP), so I caved (presumably if I waiting until March for Monster Hunter it would not have dropped in price any more than this)

    I'm glad i did, I wanted to play ZombiU, and if I had waited I think i would have overlooked it for MonHun, but now I have the holidays to put some time into it, and boy o boy, I waited until everyone had gone to bed the other night, stuck headphones in, and was absolutely sh1tting my pants, so atmospheric.

    Have already had 1 evening enjoying playing NintendoLand with the misses, so that looks like it will provide a few xmas evenings of fun before I sell it on (although the games themselves are better than i was expecting, they lived up to my assumptions that i wouldn't ever come back to them after a few hours play, so it was always a title that i was looking to resale)

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    So I cracked and got the deluxe model.
    It's for X-mas so I decide to get the system update.
    What an event.
    Took forever but boy am I glad I did not wait until Christmas morning.
    Hours of waiting and restarting to finally get it done.
    Nintendo should put a large sticker on the box, I pity those that crack it open and wait anxiously with their kids to play Christmas morning.

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    For those who haven't read it yet, my Cousin got himself a Wii U and I wrote a blog post about my opinions with the console.

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    The Wii U finally has folders (similar to 3DS)! Don't know what took them so long. I haven't downloaded the system update yet, but being able to organize downloads will be a good thing.

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