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Thread: Revival - 18th & 19th May 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipp View Post
    Hi Chalksalad. The race course has a hotel but i believe it is out of rooms now? Me and my fiancee are booked into the travel lodge. its cheap and cheerful at 19per night but i think they still have room.

    Check out other options mate just to be sure you have the right place you want.
    Thanks Vipp.
    All booked, Wolverhampton Travelodge, Train tickets and tickets for Revival.
    See you all there.

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    Vipp Guest


    No worries mate. Im not sure where/when the RGR party is but im sure it will be announced pretty soon. see you there mate.

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    And he's right!

    The launch party for CGE Adventures will be held immediately following the closing of the expo on Saturday night. Stop by the RGR booth for your invite with the details!
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    Bump! - Still available

    Quote Originally Posted by All Your Base View Post
    OK Chaps. Listen up.

    Due to an administrative error by the Revival Retro guys, I have both a weekend ticket and a Sunday only ticket for Revival.

    After speaking to Chris (the organiser of Revival ) about returning the Sunday only ticket, he suggested that, rather than return the Sunday ticket, I should give it to a friend instead.

    As I don't have any friends, I thought I'd offer it to you guys ;-)

    Seriously though, if anyone wants a freebie Sunday only ticket for Revival, let me know. First come, first served.

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    scrappysphinx Guest


    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone from Manchester will be attending the Revival event?

    I am looking to purchase some faulty MegaCD consoles from another Forum and the member is in Manchester (actually i think he might be a member here too (dbloke)).

    I was wondering if anyone from Manchester is attending would they mind collecting the consoles and bringing them with them so i could collect them from Revival therefore saving on postage?

    I realise i'm a new member but i'm sure you could ask VIPP (Cousin) about me and if anyone is a member of Amibay they can see my feedback over there.

    I would pay dbloke for the items, you'd collect them from him and i'd grab them from you at Revival. I don't mind buying the collector a beer


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    Vipp Guest


    Scrappy is a very honest man and well worth helping out.

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    Vipp Guest


    We are packed and ready to leave. looks set to be a great (Wet) weekend.

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    All ready now to make the journey up the M6 to Wolverhampton for REVIVAL2013, the arcade cab line-up is looking really juicy now! Can't wait to jostle those joysticks and bash some buttons for a day! Looking to High Score a couple of cabs for at least an hour or two hopefully. Maybe Galaxian or Robotron2084 with some luck! ;-) Also looking forward to catching a couple of talks from esteemed alumni. REMEMBER GOOD GAMES NEVER DIE! [url]

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    Vipp is at Revival playing games and pimping Stalking The Retro. You look awesome in that STR shirt you and Kerry made bro.


    Thanks again to Vipp and Kerry for their awesomeness!

    If you pick up an STR CD not only does it come with a free Indie game but it also includes an exclusive minisode of STR.
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    Great day at revival today, superb collection of arcade cabs, consoles and home computers to play on. Good to meet Mike & Scott and see CGE adventures in the flesh. Managed to pick up a nice original ZX Spectrum 48K with tape deck and some Ultimate Play the Games tapes. Now to set it up and really annoy the rest of the house for the evening . Shame I couldn't hang around for drinks.

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