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Thread: What is everyone playing? (Retro)

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    Jammajup Guest

    Default What is everyone playing? (Retro)

    Sorry if this has already been done somewhere but i did do a quick search,as there are separate console,computer and handheld threads i have decided to just start a new thread here.
    So what has everyone been playing this week?
    Ferrari F335 (Dreamcast,purchasd just y`day)
    Terra Cresta II,Final Soldier (Pc engine)
    Shuttlebug (Homebrew),Jetpac,JSW,Cyclone (Zx)
    K.C Munchkin (Magnavox)
    Cosmic Alien (Arcade)
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    Vipp Guest


    I recently managed to sort out my gaming room, for those interested i have uploaded some photos of my collection on my profile, after sorting out my game room i hooked up some consoles and here is what i have been playing.

    Save Mary/Asteroids - Atari Flashback 3
    Shining Force - Xbox Mod Sega Megadrive
    Starwars Pod Racer - N64

    Not So Retro -
    X Squad - PS2
    Zelda OOT 3D - Nintendo 3DS
    and my fiancee makes me go on the Wii Fit to help reduce my Man Boob Size.

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    Paros, Greece


    I'm on the move the last few months so it's only portable gaming for me on my PSP.
    So my time is consumed equally by:
    Advance wars (GBA)
    Golden Sun (GBA)

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    Alex Bair Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by chalksalad View Post
    Advance wars (GBA)
    I've debated picking it up on the Wii U VC or just a GBA cart. Seriously miss that game. One of the two games I had taken away from me in class

    Balloon Fight - 3DS VC
    Shovel Knight - 3DS (yeah, came out this year--sue me)
    Centipede - MAME (it's my go-to test game for the MAME cab I'm making sideway progress on)

    On the top of my shortlist to play this week is Earthbound now that it's on the Wii U VC, but haven't put my cash down for it yet. I have never played Earthbound.

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    drich255 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Bair View Post
    ...Shovel Knight - 3DS (yeah, came out this year--sue me)...

    On the top of my shortlist to play this week is Earthbound now that it's on the Wii U VC, but haven't put my cash down for it yet. I have never played Earthbound.
    I have Shovel Knight for Wii U (haven't finished it yet). It is a must play game for any retro junkie!

    And I did put down the cash for Earthbound, but still haven't played it yet. Too many games...

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    Vipp Guest


    Kerry wanted to play more House of the dead 2 on the Dreamcast so we picked up a couple of guns and the game for 20. When we plugged the dreamcast in i noted that i had lost/misplaced my RGB cable for it so the analogue tuning was crappy. Today we got the RGB cable for the Feebay for 3 inc postage. it looks nice. The guns and memory pack's that came with the guns need a good clean but other than that we are all set up for killing zombies. Also we have a keyboard so i will 'Borrow' a copy of Typing of the dead and see what Kerry makes of that.
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    drich255 Guest


    Getting back into the NES. I've been playing 1942, Punch-out!, and SMB2.

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    focusrs Guest


    Rez - Playstation 2
    Under Defeat - Dreamcast
    Tempest 3000 - Nuon (Is even better when you have had a few ales)
    Castle Wolfenstein 3d - Atari Jaguar
    Silpheed - Sega CD

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    Cambridge, England


    PC - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    C64 - Llamasoft games (Gridrunner, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Iridis Alpha)
    Atari Pi - Yar's Revenge
    3DS - New SUper Mario Bros. 2

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    3DS - New Super Mario Bros. 2
    N64 - Majora's Mask
    PC - The Dig
    Android - Air Control
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