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Thread: What is everyone playing? (Retro)

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    Vipp Guest


    Kerry wanted to play more House of the dead 2 on the Dreamcast so we picked up a couple of guns and the game for 20. When we plugged the dreamcast in i noted that i had lost/misplaced my RGB cable for it so the analogue tuning was crappy. Today we got the RGB cable for the Feebay for 3 inc postage. it looks nice. The guns and memory pack's that came with the guns need a good clean but other than that we are all set up for killing zombies. Also we have a keyboard so i will 'Borrow' a copy of Typing of the dead and see what Kerry makes of that.
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    drich255 Guest


    Getting back into the NES. I've been playing 1942, Punch-out!, and SMB2.

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    random_dave Guest


    Now that all my modern game club buddies and online monster hunting crew are all off playing Destiny I have time to myself to finish up Earthbound, and I'm still plugging away now and again trying to finish NES Castlevania (that damn grim reaper)

    Not super retro, but the misses was playing some worms-a-like on her ipad so I tried to get her into Hogs of War on the PlayStation, which not only did I spend far too much time playing at uni with housemates, but had the fortune of working with it's creators later on

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    Quote Originally Posted by random_dave View Post
    so I tried to get her into Hogs of War on the PlayStation, which not only did I spend far too much time playing at uni with housemates, but had the fortune of working with it's creators later on
    Hogs of War is really a great game. I moved across the ocean once and tried to find it back here in the States. Had to pay kind of a lot for an NTSC copy - but it was worth it.

    I've been playing a lot of H.E.R.O. I was mostly playing on the 2600, but my original experience with that game was on C64. I fired up VICE and (after switching to NTSC) was interested to discover some slight variations in the speed of the game between C64 and 2600. It is a great game on both platforms, but I still have never made it past level 16. I'll get there.

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    cross_bearer_02 Guest


    Over the past month or so, I've been playing a few Intellivision games. When I went on vacation back in early summer, I found an Intellivision and a bunch of boxed games (including three Intellivoice games along with the Intellivoice itself) at a little used game shop. I hooked it up at the condo and found there were from hardware issues with it. But a few weeks after I got home, I found another Intellivision with a few loose carts and picked that lot up, and that console worked well. I think of everything I've got, my favorites of the bunch are the three Intellivoice games, and especially Bomb Squad.

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    Jammajup Guest


    (Arcade) Astro Blaster, Salamander 2
    (Vectrex) Berzerk,
    (Atari ST) Buggy Boy
    (Acorn-BBC) Jetset Willy
    (Nes) Ninja Gaiden , Strider
    (Megadrive) Altered Beast , Space Harrier II

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    drich255 Guest


    While unpacking a box, I found my copy of Metroid Fussion. Started to replay it. That game and the GBA SP was what first motivated me to buy the newer handhelds (probably back in 2003).

    I have also been playing Planet Puzzle League on the DS. It doesn't matter how many times they re-release Tetris Attack, I seem to always buy and play it. A great SNES game. I had that back in the 90s and I have the Pokemon N64 version now on the Wii virtual console.
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    Jammajup Guest


    (NES) Megaman 2, Adventures Of Lolo, Duck Tails, Legacy Of The Wizard, A Boy and His Blob, Arkanoid
    (MEGADRIVE) Last Battle, Mystic Defender,
    (ARCADE) Wonder Boy III, Guzzler, Gorf, Terra Force, Berzerk
    (PC ENGINE) Blazing Lazers, R-Type
    (A2600) H.E.R.O, Pacman A2600 (DINTAR816 version) ,
    (ZX SPECTRUM) Sweevo`s World
    (SNES) Gunforce

    Really giving Berzerk some at the moment lol

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    drich255 Guest


    Started Retro Game Challenge again on DS. The Galaga clone is a lot of fun.

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    drich255 Guest


    Catrap on the 3DS VC. I have just over half the puzzles solved. I hope the later levels don't become impossibly difficult to solve (like I found them to be in Tiki Tori).
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