Some eps. ago, Scott went on at length about how to play pinball. I don't remember which episode.

Anyway, up until the moment I heard his descriptions I was a pretty basic flipper-masher. I didn't know how to play at all and figure the game was very basic and more-or-less geared toward eating as much money as possible.

But, man, that whole rant ... I cannot describe how completely it's changed my view of pinball. It's something that I now genuinely enjoy. I don't get frustrated like I do in a lot of video games even though I still haven't completed all the goals in Bride of Pinbot.

The biggest obvious change for me is attending the Houston Arcade Expo this weekend. The last time I went some years back, I tried a few pins and mashed the flippers. I died easily and quickly and was frustrated. This year, man, I just didn't care at all about the arcade cabs and was having so much fun trying the pins. I really got into STTNG, Medieval Madness, Pinbot. I tried many -- some old, some new -- and really enjoyed them all.

(Well, except for those 50s/60s pins in which there's like five feet between the flippers. Those can fuck right off. I also got to try Pinball 2000 and ... well, I guess it just wasted for me. It wasn't bad at all, but I found it felt dated and flat.)

I just don't feel like I ENJOY many things these days, but pinball is definitely one of those things and it's all due to Scott!!