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Thread: Wii U, who is in and who is out?

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    Mines proving to be great value for money just as a monster hunter tri ultimate machine, aside from that, i put a bit of time into ZOmbieU, but i'm not really compelled to get anything else for it, but as Monster hunter shuold keep me busy for a few years i don't feel like i need anything else anyway

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    First, I loved the Wii. I thought it was a great console with a lot of fun games.

    I had no plans to buy a Wii-U, but won one in a contest. Had it for about two weeks and sold it. System & app updates constantly, Netflix crashes 100% of the time for me, tried NintendoLand and a few demos and didn't have that much fun, range for the controller wasn't as long as I'd like - it lost connection between the studio and living room, and the downloadable stuff was relatively expense. I don't care about MiiVerse or any of that stuff. Even booting the system seemed to take longer than I remember for other consoles. In the end, I just don't play (m)any modern games. Even if Nintendo fixed all that stuff, I'm not sure it would matter because I don't know if there are any games I'd want to play.

    Keeping a console I'd never play wasn't worth the $300 I could get from selling it.
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    This thing must surely crash harder than the Gamecube did.

    I just don't see the appeal at all.
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    Vipp Guest


    I don't see Nintendo as an important entity anymore. I don't notice their adverts and won't be buying any of their consoles new or old. Not even to Mod. I also find the videos of the president doing silly things annoying as well. Often people get real excited when the president of Nintendo puts a video out of himself eating a cheese sandwich and at the end of the video he lets you know 'Super Mario Wii world 64art 2' will be out soon so not to worry if you missed the previous title a week ago. In the interest of fairness i did enjoy my SNES until i sold it recently.

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    Lego City is a great game GTA meets Lego. Wii U at this point feels rushed to market. One big thing for me would be a 3ds/Ds attachment that let's me play those games on my Wii U as the kids have taken over my 3DS.

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    Me, I love the Wii U. I am mostly a retro gamer but if I play a current gen system it's the Wii U.

    The way the game industry went with all the FPS games and open world crime-em-ups just doesn't appeal to me much. But I totally understand how people who like shooters and "cinematic" games would love the PS4 or XboxOne. For me the WiiU has the games I like and now that I have kids the off-TV play means I can actually use the thing. Mario, Zelda, etc. I have always loved those games. And don't mind that they are not groundbreakingly different. And I am also really enjoying Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3. X looks fun and so does the new Smash Brothers game.

    But yeah, Wii U is a total sales failure. It appeals to gamers like me but I can totally see how younger gamers or older gamers who like the new genres would want to shun Nintendo. Pretty much zero 3rd party support. Too expensive compared to the value the other consoles bring and a very slow release cycle.

    For me I use it to play Earthbound in bed and I've been really happy with it. But yeah, not everyone's cup of tea.

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