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Thread: Wii U, who is in and who is out?

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    random_dave Guest


    I wish someone would gift me one, there's nothing other than a bit of interest in ZombiU that i'd want one for right away, but I have a strange desire to head down to asda walmart and queue up a while before midnight with some other fools and hang out for the experience of it all

    I hear there's some Sonic Racing game that's pretty good Scott ;-)

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    Vipp Guest


    The sonic racing game is on the PSN at the moment as a free demo with two levels and Sonic as a playable character, it is a lot of fun to play with the added extra of being able to fly and sail as well as drive all on one level! i guess thats all in the name but still it is a great little game and one i will be getting soon. (But not for the WiiU)

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    SWABteam Guest


    Zombie U is a blast. Make sure to be connected to the Internet when you play and add a bunch if people as friends on the Zombie U Miiverse. When your friends die their infected characters invade your game and you can kill them for loot. It also makes great use of the Gamepad.

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    SWABteam Guest


    Also Scott if you have the Basic version, Nintendoland (the pack in with the Deluxe set) is worth purchasing IMO. There are some games on there that have a retro feel to them, especially the music.

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    Jammajup Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by SubaruBrat View Post
    Tell us if your in or out, we had some interesting conversations with people at Play Expo and the consensus was for the most part; out. Could this be a mirror of Sega's exit as a hardware manufacturer (of consoles) if they launch this and few bite? Or will this out do the Wii and the competitors?
    You know i thought of Sega as soon as i saw the advert for the Wii U,I fear Nintendo are in danger of not learning from the mistakes their rival made in the 90`s with the dangers of supporting multiple systems.I understand that this year Nintendo made their first ever financial loss in their history due to the lower than expected sales of the 3DS,i am not sure creating another hardware distraction is the answer.

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    SWABteam Guest


    According to the NoA pres. Wii U is profitable for Nintendo after one game sale. I doubt either Sony or Microsoft will be able to claim the same when they launch.

    I wish Sega would jump back into hardware. That would be amazing to me. There just something not right about seeing Sonic in WaraWara Plaza.

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    drich255 Guest


    I am out for now. Like others, a new Zelda game could very well make it a must own. I wasn't interested in the 3DS until the new Professor Layton came out as a 3DS game (and they released the 3DS XL).

    Before the Wii came out, many thought what people think now. Many thought that the Wii would sink Nintendo and be their last console. I thought they might be right if the motion controllers felt too gimmicky. To most everyone's surprise, the Wii was quite popular. The verdict is still out for the Wii U, but it isn't looking good. It may be the console that sinks.

    Nintendo may be victims of their own success. People are satisfied with the Wii and don't feel the need to buy the new version.

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    Out. I sold my wii, never used it outside of 5 games. Nothing on wii u interests me yet

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    Diagamblic Guest


    I use my wii more often to play atari2600 games....

    Anyways, if you like the idea of ZombieU - and have a PSN+ account and may don't have a WiiU...go get Demon's Souls. Or even if you liked the old Kings Field games. it's free this week!

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    Out. Nintendo hasn't done anything interesting for me in the console arena since the SNES. And as far as people being "satisfied" with the Wii... the majority of people that I know who have the console used it to play a few games then shoved it into the closet. *shrug*

    Hell, my 11 year old uses it for Netflix and Just Dance 4, the rest of the time she's playing on the Xbox 360, PS2 or the PC. Hasn't said anything at all about the Wii U.
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