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    Hiya Folks - I'm Ben from Manchester in sunny Englandshire. I've had the pleasure of working with UK Mike for a few years now, and finally bitten the bullet and started to listen to the RGR podcasts. I'm working my way through them, and haven't skipped a single section yet after 16 episodes.

    Really enjoy listening, and want to get more involved in retro gaming as time progresses. I've made my first leap by inheriting an N64 and DreamCast from another colleague, and a combination of buying and borrowing games for each, as well as using emus on my PSP to get an insight in to gaming from before my time, as the Mega Drive was the first console I played on, but still missed a lot of post-MD consoles, like the SNES, N64, instead jumping straight to the PSX, and sticking with the PS range since then (barring the occasional Nintendo).

    So - looking forward to getting more involved and hopefully progressing further back through gaming history. I spend more time playing older games than I do modern ones, so this certainly looks to be the place for me.


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    Did you attend Play Expo at the Trafford? I assume Mike told you about our trips to the "dog park". Welcome to the show!
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    Fraid not - plan to keep my ears open for the next Expos kicking around the area though, with or without misbegotten adventures such as dog walking and hot dog BBQing!

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