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    Hey Guys, I'm looking for some help with my Midway Space Invaders restoration. There's a list of things to do but the first thing is getting my monitor working properly. I was having problems with the screen being torn (see pic) and I e-mailed John at and he pointed me in the direction of the horizontal hold control and that seemed to fix that problem. (John is great and very helpful)! The latest problem I have is that the screen fades in and out after a few minutes of play. If I tap on the cabinet by the audio speaker sometimes the picture becomes brighter and other times the picture goes out completely...However the game will play blind. After turning the game off for a few minutes I can turn it back on again and it will appear fine for a while. Did anyone have this problem? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Rup
    Here's my "to do" list on the cabinet
    Remove bezel and replace all bulbs (COMPLETE)
    Clean Screen / Two way mirror / Moon, Cardboard background & Blacklight (COMPLETE)
    Fix Monitor problems
    Fix "explosion" sound when player base is destroyed
    Fix coin mech / coin up problems
    Install braze technologies Multigame kit
    Restore cabinet
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