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Thread: FocusRS's Youtube Channel

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    Default FocusRS's Youtube Channel

    Lot of various items on my channel, mostly geared towards Retro Games and repair/mod vids.

    Check it out if you get the chance

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    focusrs Guest

    Default Starting a new video series on my channel - Arcade USA

    tentatively titled at this time Arcade USA. For work I travel all over the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and frequent quite a few arcades.

    I have gotten to the point now that I want to try and make a more polished Youtube show aside from my pickup, repair, various vids I do now.

    I plan on visiting a local arcade in each city I travel to for work and do a video review of it. I plan on making my first recording very soon but still am trying to work on a title for the show and such. Here are three splash screens that would show up at the beginning of the show. I probably willl use a pic from the arcade I review as part of the intro screen, still trying to decide.

    I am going to try and make a short demo recording of the intro soon.

    arcade usa 1.jpgarcade usa 2.jpgarcade usa 3.jpg

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    here is the demo trailer for it.

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    Working on editing the footage for the first episode should be up this weekend

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    Nice work on the trailer.

    Did I mention, I hate editing video?
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    ya, editing video is no fun. especially now that I am using a whole new program with new camera for my series. Its making me crazy. but hey, its my first episode. the first is usually the worst anyway

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    focusrs Guest


    Here is episode 1 of Arcade USA New camera, new software and boy you can tell it

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    great video and first episode Focus, it also has the FocusRS touch to it at the end with a self commentary thats as funny as anything. lol.

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    focusrs Guest


    Here is a Arcade USA MiniSode - Seawolf

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