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Thread: Video Game Carnival: Aldershot, UK: Sat 28th July 2012

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    Default Video Game Carnival: Aldershot, UK: Sat 28th July 2012

    From the creator of the Retro Computer Games Festival a brand new video gaming event:

    Video Game Carnival (Beta Release)

    Date: Sat 28th July 2012
    Time: 14:00 - 01:00
    Location: Garden Gate, Church Lane East, Aldershot, GU11 3BT, UK

    Right so here it is, the first Video Game Carnival event. Are you ready? I'm not sure I am, hence the beta release! But people have been asking when the first event would be so I've caved into the pressure.

    So what to expect? Well the event will be somewhat more quirky than the previous Retro Computer Games Festival do's were. I will have stuff for you to play that you wont of seen before, well at least not in this form. Plus some familiar favourtes thrown into the mix. I'm still hard at work in the Video Game Carnival lab cooking up crazy gaming chemistry so I don't have to much to reveal right now.

    But to wet your appetite here is one thing that will deffinatly be there... Pong. What your not impressed? Arguably the game that started the popularisation of video gaming and your not impressed? OK how about if this particular game of pong was projected onto a wall by a frigging laser, would that be better? Good, because that's what we'll be doing when it gets dark. I'm so looking forward to this!

    Expect some updates soon on more crazy labs stuff but what other things can you expect? Well there will be an LED arcade out in the patio area consisting entirely of LED table top games: Astro Wars, Scramble, Frogger, Amidar, Munchman, Caveman, and more. There will be a couple of arcade machines in the back room. For now that's all I'm going to tell you but expect more news soon.

    There will also be some competitions run through the day and a laser pong competition in the evening.

    All this will be taking place in my sisters pub, the Garden Gate in Aldershot. She'll keep you fed and watered thoughout the day with home cooked food and a quality selection of Beers and Ales.

    Oh and if you've never been to one of my events before and wonder who I am, I'll be the one dressed up as carnival ringmaster!

    Please like the new Facebook page here
    Here is the Facebook event
    And here is where the website will be some day
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