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Thread: Big Game Pinball Error?

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    Default Big Game Pinball Error?

    Hey all,

    Just got me a Big Game by Stern and I'm super impatient right now.
    When I turn it on I get the slow 2 tones and then instead of seven tones I get only four with the MPU board blinking for each. Where should I start?
    I mean besides actually reading the manual and educating myself?


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    Hey man did you get anywhere on this? Sorry, I don't have any advice.

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    Sorry I missed this, assuming it is this game;

    I suggest you grab the guide, it covers everything for this game. The mirrors I know of are offline but the torrent is out there.
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    You know, working this stuff out has actually helped with my career and it's on my resume. I'm a CAD/CAM guy and we have a few CNC machines from the 80's and whenever they would break down I'd grab an electrician. But lately I start diagnosing myself, and I've solved a few issues that I would have never been able to before. I've got all the bases covered now: they are so old that they can't find people to fix them or program them (propriatary conversational programming)

    The only bad part is that I'm still stuck in the 80's (although, I do use some of the best 3d software for programming other machines)


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