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Thread: Show us your pets (not Commodore)

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    random_dave Guest

    Default Show us your pets (not Commodore)

    So, whos's got furry gaming (or drinking) buddies?
    I used to have two rats, Badger and Ham, and used to play a lot of handheld games in a cupboard under the stairs with them scampering around, but unfortunately they fell ill, and now i'm left with just these two idiots

    Dexter and Clover Studios

    Clover likes just curling up on a lap whilst people play games, whereas Dexter really like the sound of a good microswitch, and can often be found just stood for hours pushing joysticks with his nose.
    He also has a tendency to rest his chin on the turntables of my beatmania or DJ Hero controllers so that it rubs his chin when i have to scratch it

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    focusrs Guest


    My Pug Snarfle and my Cat Holly, both are a little nutsy.


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    Great topic I have to sort out some pics of our monsters.
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    random_dave Guest


    was just on the forum with one of my latest pets exploring an amazon box next to me and remembered this thread and realised I should do an update

    As some of you know, I broke up with the spaniels, and replaced them with this doofus

    And then a few days after moving into the new house we picked up this little critter,

    who then managed to survive a month without food or water 'missing' but actually turned out to be living in the toaster, and we had been making toast

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    Most. Bizarre. Post. Ever. Thanks!

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    I have this guy here.


    He likes to stay on my leg (under the desk) when I am at the computer or on my sholder when I am playing video games.

    He has a soft spot for wired controllers.

    I have to be really careful or I find a lot of bites in the cord. He already ruined a headphone, a HDMI cable, PC keyboard, a lamp and other things.

    That is the price we pay to have him outside of a cage.
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    random_dave Guest


    and with complete disregard to the one in one out policy on animals and CRT's this cheeky monkey appeared yesterday

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    Blackzc Guest


    She? is beautiful random dave. I love sight hounds.

    Here is my IG mix, i dont have kids so shes pretty much my life.

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