So I got out to a pinball expo last week in Kalamazoo Mi and I played a High Speed 2 The Getaway. The first thing I noticed was that the ball was launched into one of the loops and delivered to the upper-right flipper. I guess I hadn't realised that's how it is supposed to be. This made the game so much more fun, plus I racked up the points.

When I got home I took a good look at my wiring and hardware. The High Current Driver board had bubbles in the traces and looked like ass. I didn't even check voltages I got online and ordered a new one ($25) and what the hell, I ordered a new coil too. Got everything installed and it's only marginally better. Occasionally it will deliver the ball to the upper-right flipper, but it's not right.

I got to looking at other kickers on my machines and all of them have the plungers sticking out of the coil sleeves an .125" or so. My ball launch plunger/kicker is .625" inside the coil. I'm thinking that this part is not as old as the rest of the machine, it still has machining marks on the tip of the nylon. Probably the wrong assembly. I'm having trouble finding the correct bell armature assembly which isn't a big deal because I have the means to make one but I can't find the correct dimensions for it.

So I'm wondering if I can make a bell armature plunger thingy by figuring from the dimensions (length) of the coil. I guess I need to know how long should the metal part in relation to the coil and the length of the nylon tip.