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Thread: Jack Tramiel dead at 83

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    Apologies and all due respect IF I pronounced his last name wrong my priority was to get the news out ASAP and share my thoughts!
    RIP and thanks to the man who brought "Computers for the masses not the classes!"
    Just a few minutes on my thoughts and reflections regarding the founder of Commodore Jack Tramiel. Many of you had already heard but I could not let this news pass without mentioning Jacks contribution to the computing landscape. My condolences to his family, RIP Mr. Tramiel! RELATED LINKS:

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    Even though Atari under Jack's (and his son Sam's) leadership often made some horrible choices when it came to it's products, and the marketing, I have to give the man credit for the great products that came out during those times. My Atari STE and Falcon were to this day my favorite computers (slightly ahead of my Atari 8-bit stuff, which as you know was continued by the Tramiels as the XE line). And they made a valiant, last ditch effort to regain the glory the old Atari once had with the Jaguar. Unfortunately, we all know what happened there.

    I can't help but wonder where Atari would be today (the real Atari, not the "fake" Atari) if they hadn't put out the Jaguar, and instead released the Falcon040 and some of the other computer products they had in the pipeline... well, realistically, they'd probably have suffered the same fate going that route too, since keeping up with Microsoft and Apple was just not possible in the computer and OS arena.

    In any case, thanks Jack!

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