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    Default Disney's Riverside Resort Arcade

    We take my 3 year old to Downtown Disney pretty often, because it's free to get in and he likes to ride the train and boat, and he can run around. We normally take the boat around the lake loop and end up right back where we started. Yesterday, though, the line for that boat was too long so we got on a different one and went - randomly - to Riverside resort. To my pleasant surprise, they had a really nice arcade.

    I walked in, and Foghat's "Slow Ride" was blasting. Okay, off to a great start. It also smelled like an arcade. Not pizza, but there's a certain combination of arcade cabinets, carpet and snacks... not sure how to describe it, but this arcade had it.

    A whole wall of newer driving games - Mario Kart, Need for Speed, Fast & Furious, etc. They had some other nice simulators - Jambo Safari, Blazing Angels, Tank Tank Tank, etc. That last one is a newer (2009) Namco title that has two users join up to battle giant monsters in their tanks. I didn't play it, but it looked pretty cool. My kid loved pushing the buttons and seeing himself in the game as there was a camera, but he got a little scared during the attract mode when a three headed dragon came out of the ocean and roared pretty loud. Speakers in the seats.

    Of course, I mostly care about classic games. They didn't have any individual cabs, but they did have the obligatory Ms Pac Man/Galaga. What was nice is that they also had a Space Invaders/Qix combo, and a trackball 4-in-1: Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command and Bowling. Really nice to see Space Invaders and Qix. I play a lot of 5200 Qix, but the arcade version kicked my butt. It was tough.

    They also had a couple of pins. One Star Wars: Episode I Pin2k, a Tron and Pirates of the Carribean.

    My wife likes the non-video games - skee ball and air hockey, and both were represented.

    Finally, I thought it was kind of an interesting sign of the time that they had several console-to-arcade ports. Need For Speed, Mario Kart, Blazing Angels, Guitar Hero Arcade, etc.

    The 80s games were 5/$1, and the other games varied from $0.50 to $1/play, which I thought was very reasonable. They all used swipe cards you'd fill up with a minimum $1 at a time, and each game deducted whatever. It worked well.

    All in all, a nice surprise. We weren't planning on going, but I had a lot of fun. The price was right, the atmosphere was good, and while it was no Funspot, the selection of games was respectable for 2012.
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    Gonna be hitting that arcade very soon... thanks for the report Bydo!


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