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Thread: The original Castlevania

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    kynrek Guest

    Default The original Castlevania

    I grew up with the NES but somehow never played the original Castlevania until about 2 years ago. I found the cartridge for $2.50 and figured heck, why not?

    As I've said I've played a lot of NES titles over the years so I've played a lot of great games and a lot of crap titles with terrible control/game play. I've got to say this is a solid title but I guess that's not really a surprise considering it's both a Konami game and a popular franchise.

    Even without the Konami name and the Castlevania franchise this game is great on it's own merit.The jumping feels a bit stiff and the game is very hard but the controls are spot on, the graphics actually look good (espically since it's from 1987) and it's fun!

    This has actually become one of my favorite NES titles of all time, so I decided that I actually wanted to beat it. While I do prefer playing the game on my original hardware and frequently play the first 2 levels on it, I knew that I would never have enough time/skill to play through the game completely without save states. So I fired up an emulator and played through the game over the course of a few days and it was a blast! It was awesome to finally complete the game. It's kind of cool, after you beat the game it restarts at the 1st level but I noticed that it says stage 19 and the game is much harder. Just thought i'd share that bit of trivia.

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    I have been saying that for years. I liked the whips that would increase in power, the changes from day to night, the music was energizing, and the graphics totally conveyed that Transylvania like feel. Love it!
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    I played the original on CastleVania Chronicles, and I've gotten to Drac, but could never beat him. My save is on the last level. Not sure if that's the NES version or arcade version, though. CC has two CastleVanias, one hard one easier. Unfortunately I picked the harder one.

    To this day I have never finished a CastleVania game.
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    neshead80 Guest


    I have the NES classics GBA version saved on Death's stage which I have never beaten. I need to buckle down one day and just do it. Great game but man is it hard. I really loved Castlevania II when I was a kid & Symphony Of The Night is definitely in my all time top 5 games.

    BTW Castlevania Chronicles is a remake of Akumajō Dracula on the Sharp X6800 (Japan only PC) which was itself a remake of the original Castlevania. That's a really awesome version of the game, great soundtrack on that too!
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    I beat Castlevania on the NES as a kid. Back when I was good at video games. Now I've gotten soft. I better practice more. The excitement of beating a game back in the day was so awesome!

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    Madstedotcom Guest


    This has inspired to have another go at beating it. I was previously playing it through a R4 on my ds and the save state feature is a bit flakey. Will have to have a proper crack using Nestopia.


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    kynrek Guest


    Death is extremely hard, even harder than Dracula. I think the boomerang cross thingies are the best weapon for fighting him.

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    random_dave Guest


    I'd like to know which idiot they recorded playing the game for the attract mode, he's worse at playing the game than i am (unless it's something unique to the PAL version in 50hz)

    I've never finished a castlevania game, but i own a lot of them, and have got close a few times, but always get sidetracked by something else before i've seen it through.

    I've got most of the soundtracks on the mp3 player i use when i'm running, some of the music is soooooo good, I even bought a Twin Famicom just to play Akumajou Densetsu (JPN Castlevania 3) just so i could play it with the VRC6 enhanced audio

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    Castlevania on the NES is one of the premier gaming experiences of my lifetime.

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    I love Castlevania. The first game was released as a Playsation Plus freebie recently in the form of the Psone classics Castlevania Chronicles, so I have been revisiting it.

    Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse on the NES was the first game I ever ask for specifically for Christmas and was the first video game I ever received new in box. The first game is great and the third game went back to the formula of the first game with a few extra characters (first appearance of Alucard) and branching paths. The 3rd game holds a special place for me.

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