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Thread: OMG! Wasteland 2 funded by fans!!

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    Default OMG! Wasteland 2 funded by fans!!

    Just learned this today:

    Wasteland 2 is a GO!

    I can't believe they met the goal of $900,000 in two days --At the time of this post they are up to $1,250,846 and there is still 31 days left! Never underestimate the power of retro... :crzy:

    A someone who fiendishly played the hell out of Wasteland on the C64 [bought from Babbages circa 1991], I'm following this with the utmost interest and I must admit that I have butterflies reading about the project; from the amount of money, the rewards for sponsoring and the comments, it's simply an amazing show on the behalf of the designers and retro gamers!

    The only thing that concerns me is all the talk about cross platforming the game as that will inevitably use time and resources that should be used for the game proper. Well, that and the thought that we might all be getting screwed if it's a sham or a half-assed effort. I have a bit more research to do but I'm thinking I'm in for $100-$150 myself.

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    Hmmm... never played this one, may have to go .d64 searching


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