I went out last night at midnight to get one. Was the only person there for it. Bought a 3g model and a starter kit. Did not buy a physical game. Downloaded Super Stardust Delta when I got home (great game!). Also, been trying out the the features and demos available on the PSN. May get Touch My Katamari or Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus in a few days. The systems looks and feels great. The screen is amazing. The dual joysticks make all the difference. The multi-touch surfaces and motion control make for some interesting options for control schemes. The home screen user interface is playful and iPhone like. The playstation store is much easier to navigate and use than the PS3 store (missing videos and screenshot of games though). I am really loving it. Just wished Gravity Rush was a launch title.

The one thing that is bothering me is the lack of compatibly with digital titles I already own. Sony has been very misleading about the remote play feature. I thought I would be able to load my memory card with psone classics at least, but they are not compatible. You can access them via remote play, but the video quality and response time sucks (I was using wifi on my PS3, it may work better with a wired setup). You can play only a handful of PS3 games with remote play, and I own none of them.