Hi Guys, Just found the podcast a few months back and been working my way through all the episodes. Does that make me uber retro listening to 2 year old podcasts about retro gaming?. Only up to Jan 2010 but enjoying every one and its helping pass the time while I'm doing the 24 hour endurance races on Gran Turismo 5. Highlight so far as been hearing Alcohol by The Macc Lads on Scott's boxing day special.

Anyways I been gaming since 86 or 87 started on Commodore 16 before realizing the error of my ways and getting a Spectrum. I did have a pretty extensive collection of consoles and computers, with the rarest being a Virtual Boy and a Nomad. However decided to sell most of them when bought a house a few years ago. Currently I have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS. So most retro gaming done on PC and DS through emulators but have recently started collecting GBA games.

Sorry for going on a bit if you want to learn more please check out my blog.

Thanks for a great podcast and hoping to catch up in the next year!!