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Thread: Retro consoles on a PC monitor

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    Default Retro consoles on a PC monitor

    I am stuck renting a single room for a year in a shared house. I only have space for one screen, which is a nice sized PC monitor with sound. It has DVI and VGA input.

    What is the best way to hook up old consoles, especially a PS2 which is has my biggest game collection on? I have seen some gadgets on sale, but the reviews are bad. Does anybody have any experience and good solutions to share?

    I don't really want to resort to emulation, but I could try and beef up my PC. Does PS2 emulation work well? How beefy does the PC need to be? Do you need specific DVD drives to read the disks ?

    I have a very old TV video capture card in storage somewhere. But I think there was a noticable lag when I used it to record VHS tapes. It that a viable option?

    Any help greatly appreciated !

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    You have a few options.

    If you don't mind a cramped screen, you could buy one of those 7 inch LCD TVs for 30 or 40 bucks (I found mine at CVS) that has both RCA and Cable inputs, so you are set for both the "newer" retro systems as well as anything with an RF adapter.

    You could also try buying one of these: You only need the video (yellow) wire, the other two you would route to external speakers.

    You could rip your PS2 collection to ISO and attempt emulation. Not all games work perfectly yet though, and it requires a beefy PC. Depending on how old your current PC is, you may be looking at a new build rather than upgrading depending on what CPU you have right now.

    Any questions at all feel free to ask. I'll do what I can to try and help.

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    I couldn't tell ya where (or if) you could even find one ... I had a 15" TV with a cable hookup, composite and VGA ... though the monitor only does 1024x768. I gave it to my parents for them to use in their camper. lol
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